Revenue Management

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Pricing Hassles

  • Recommended prices by AI

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  • Manage all information in one place

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Experiencing DX with enhanced usability

Are you facing these challenges?

  • Missed Opportunities

    By analyzing various data to recommend optimal prices, we prevent missed opportunities due to not timely capturing changes in competitor prices or event information

  • Information Efficiency

    You can check all the information necessary for pricing, such as competitor prices, event information, and reviews, in one place

  • Eliminating Dependency

    Standardize revenue management that tends to rely on specific employees, through analysis and optimal price recommendations by AI

  • Visibility

    Visualize revenue management tasks, which tend to become black boxes, with data and analysis dashboards

  • Occupancy Rate

    Aim to improve occupancy rates while minimizing opportunity losses due to pricing

  • Talent Development

    Promote multitasking by enabling staff with little experience to operate in a short period with simple operations

MetroEngine's Revenue Management
aims to solve various
challenges you face,

proposing efficient management

Features of MetroEngines

At MetroEngines, we possess a wide range of features to
enable comprehensive management of all necessary tasks
for revenue management.

  • AI-Enhanced Optimal Pricing Recommandations
    Customization Possible

    Our AI recommends the optimal price for each room type daily, and it's possible to incorporate specific settings for each Japanese facility or chain. Price changes to the site controller are also seamlessly possible.

  • Comprehensive Management of Competitor Prices, Events, Reviews, etc.

    We collect big data on lodging demand daily and utilize AI (machine learning) to recommend optimal pricing.

We also provide various data analysis features necessary for pricing.

  • Provision of Optimal Prices

    By integrating with PMS, we can detect changes in booking pace and competitor prices that might not be otherwise noticed, providing optimal pricing.

  • Price Reflection to Site Controllers

    Integration with site controllers allows for the automation of price reflection to booking sites (OTAs).

  • Reservation Data Analysis Dashboard

    Allows for the aggregation and analysis of PMS booking data by room type, sales channel, etc.

  • Competitor Price Research

    It's also possible to research competitor prices and inventory by room type, options, etc.

  • Automatic Collection of Event Information

    Automatically collects event information nationwide in Japan for use in pricing and verification.

  • Analysis of Review Data

    Allows for the comparison and analysis of reviews posted on booking sites (OTAs) against those of competitor Japanese facilities.

Revenue Management

We offer free proposals for the best plans and operation methods tailored to your current PMS and site controller.


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Other Plans

  • Local Market Analysis Near Your Japanese Property

  • Analysis of Accommodation Facilities Across Japan


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